Best tips for quick house cleaning

Cleaning doesn’t have to be a tedious task that takes up your whole day. With the right tips and tricks, you can clean your house efficiently and effectively, freeing up time for more enjoyable activities. In this article, we’ll share some expert advice to help you keep your house in tip-top shape without spending all day scrubbing and dusting.

A Plan of Attack

Before you start cleaning, it’s crucial to have a game plan. A disorganized approach can result in wasted time and missed spots, while a more structured method will streamline the process.

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Start by dividing your house cleaning into manageable tasks. Prioritize the areas that need the most attention and tackle them first. It’s far easier to focus on one room at a time rather than trying to clean the entire house at once.

Room-by-room cleaning

Cleaning room by room not only makes the task manageable but also ensures that no corner of the house is left unattended. Let’s look at some key tips for each room.

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Due to the high levels of humidity and usage, the bathroom is one of the rooms that require frequent cleaning. Here are some tips to keep it sparkling:

  1. Use your vacuum cleaner to remove loose dirt, dust, or hair from the floor and any rugs.
  2. To remove soap scum or hard water stains, use a mixture of water and vinegar. Apply the mixture to the affected areas, let it sit for a few minutes, then wipe it clean with a damp cloth.
  3. Don’t forget about the toilet. Use a toilet bowl cleaner and a scrub brush to clean the inside. For the outside, wipe down with disinfectant wipes or a cloth soaked in a mild detergent.


The kitchen is another high-traffic area that needs regular cleaning. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Start with the appliances. Wipe down the stove, microwave, refrigerator, and any other appliances you have in your kitchen. For stubborn grime, a paste of baking soda and water can be very effective.
  2. Wash dishes as you go. This will keep your sink from piling up and making the kitchen look cluttered.
  3. Don’t forget about the kitchen cabinets. Dust and grease can build up on the surfaces, so it’s crucial to wipe them down regularly with a damp cloth and a gentle cleaner.

Efficient cleaning tools

Investing in good-quality cleaning tools can make the task much easier. For instance, a lightweight, cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for quickly cleaning up spills and messes. Microfiber cloths are excellent for dusting and can be used wet or dry, on virtually any surface. And don’t underestimate the power of a good scrub brush, which can make short work of stubborn stains and dirt.

Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping your house clean. By doing a little bit each day, you can avoid the need for marathon cleaning sessions.

Start by developing a daily cleaning routine. This routine should include tasks like wiping down counters, doing dishes, and sweeping high-traffic areas. This won’t take much time each day, but it will make a big difference in the overall cleanliness of your home.

Dealing with Clutter

Clutter can make a clean house look messy, and it can also make cleaning more difficult. Take the time to regularly declutter your home, removing items that you don’t need or use.

Whether it’s the bedroom, kitchen, or living room, always tidy up before you start cleaning. That way, you can focus on the actual cleaning tasks rather than having to navigate around piles of clutter.

Remember, a clean, well-organized house not only looks good but also creates a healthier and more comfortable living environment. With these tips, you can keep your home in great shape without it feeling like a full-time job.

Cleaning Supplies and Products

Cleaning supplies play an integral role in maintaining a clean house. The right products can remove stains, eliminate germs, and leave your house smelling fresh. Here are some essentials to have in your cleaning arsenal:

  1. Microfiber Cloths: These are a versatile cleaning tool. They can be used for dusting, mopping up spills, and even polishing. The best part? They’re machine washable, so you can reuse them over and over again.
  2. Cleaning Solutions: From all-purpose cleaners to specialized solutions for glass, wood, or stainless steel, there is a multitude of cleaning products available on the market. It’s always beneficial to have a variety on hand for different cleaning tasks.
  3. Dish Soap: Not just for dishes, it’s a terrific grease fighter in the kitchen. A little dish soap can be used to clean everything from stove hoods to cabinets.
  4. Scrub Brushes: These are perfect for tough jobs like the shower or grout lines. They can also be used to clean outdoor items like patio furniture or grills.
  5. Vacuum Cleaner: This is a necessity for any home. It quickly and efficiently removes dust and dirt from your floors.

By investing in quality cleaning supplies, you can make the cleaning process quicker and easier.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes, despite our best efforts, certain areas of the house need a deep clean. This involves more than just surface cleaning – it’s about getting into those often-neglected nooks and crannies and giving them a thorough scrub.

In the kitchen, this could mean cleaning the inside of your oven or behind the refrigerator. In the bathroom, it could involve scrubbing the grout or washing the shower curtain. In the living room, it might mean cleaning the drapes or shampooing the carpets.

Deep cleaning doesn’t need to be done all the time. Depending on the traffic in your home, you might only need to do it a few times a year. But when these tasks are done, you’ll notice a huge improvement in the overall cleanliness and freshness of your home.

Remember, deep cleaning is not a replacement for daily or weekly cleaning routines. Instead, it complements these routines, ensuring that your home is at its cleanest.


Cleaning doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or daunting task. By employing the right strategies and tools, you can maintain a clean house without spending hours on end doing chores. From enlisting the help of efficient cleaning supplies to following a structured plan of attack, these cleaning tips ensure that you can enjoy a spotless home in less time.

Remember to prioritize your tasks, clean from top to bottom, and keep up with regular maintenance to avoid the need for constant deep cleaning. And don’t forget, tackling clutter before you start cleaning can simplify the process and make it more efficient.

Continue reading other articles for more tips on how to keep your house clean, and feel free to share your own cleaning hacks in the comments below. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore – with the right approach, it can even be rewarding to see your home shine.

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Remember, a clean house is a happy house. So, why wait? It’s time to clean!

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